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I have recently spent a lot of time looking for products on the internet. I’ve experienced tones of bad designed home/landing page, and a few good ones. In this article, I’ve collected points, that I think, a landing page need to have to be a good one.

0. Make it beautiful

I hesitate to put this point in the list because it’s obvious. A good landing page should be attractive, colorful, with nice little transition. Nice font, nice color, nice images and/or icons… Make it responsive…

Presentation is the first thing you see, now, let’s discuss the content and organization of the page.

Don’t Waste people’s time

The core idea on which this list is based is that you should guide your visitors in the fastest and more natural way possible.

1. Show me what you got

The first thing I want to know is “what your product is”. I don’t care if you have a million costumers, I don’t care if you’re better than your competitors, I don’t care who you are ! If I don’t know what you are selling, what this page is about, what you are trying to promote, I don’t care.

Get people’s attention. It’s like a youtube ad, you have 5 seconds (probably less) to catch the visitor attention. So make sure the first thing I can read is what this page is about. Be clear and explicit. Selling really fast shoes ? Put a picture of your shoes and write “These shoes make you realllll fast”.

2. Less is better

(that’s a fukken dipshit title)

Unless you’re trying to sell a suite of products, try to follow this rule

One product = One landing page

Do a favor to your visitors, make it simple.

3. A nice header

The most efficient and useful headers out there, are the ones that provide what your potential AND current users want. For example:

  • Price
  • Sign in/Sign up buttons
  • Download button
  • Documentation link
  • Product additionnal information
  • Language

examples, solr.

4. A demo, is always a PLUS

Now, that we know what you’re “selling”, show your product in action. It can be a gif, a video or a live demo.

4. (bis) Think about developers

If you provide an API, print some code. Show us the way.

myamazingAPI.get("me food")

Developers are people too.

5. You can now brag

Now you can brag, tell us the numbers, your product perfs, the number of costumers.

You can add your positive reviews. Link your famous costumers, add links to press articles…

Everything else that can be interesting, but is not crucial should be put in the footer:

  • Social media links
  • Contact info
  • Blog
  • Copyright, licence

7. Make it fast

Try to minimize the loading time. Avoid unnecessary big images, transitions, effects, or components…

Keep it simple, keep it fast, keep it logical.

If your landing page follows these rules, it should be pretty good

You may disagree, and these guidelines may not suit your needs, but I think they can greaty improve the user experience.

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